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Awards are Announced! I'M-POSSIBLE DisAbility Hackathon


The I'M-POSSIBLE Hackathon, a collaboration between the Embassy of Israel in Japan and the Nippon Foundation, came to a close on Sunday, October 10. 22 teams made of participants from Japan, Israel, and around the world competed for one month to come up with various ideas that could make the lives of people with disabilities more accessible in sports, daily life, transportation, human connections, employment, and other themes. Six teams landed on awards at the end of it all!

2nd Place Sounds Direction

3rd Place Talkee

4th Place XALL


Special Award My Community

※1You can view a project summary and video by clicking on the name of each winning team.

※2Click HERE to view the project galleries of all participating teams.

※3Click HERE to view the event on Sunday, March 10.

Congratulations to all the winning teams!

And thank you to everyone from Israel, Japan, and around the world who participated and competed with their ideas to make a more accessible and inclusive society!

The I'M-POSSIBLE Hackathon is the beginning of the "Japan Israel Makers Community", a community created by the participants of this hackathon. This community platform will continue to allow for the further development of the ideas and products generated during the hackathon. In addition, information and videos such as lectures collected as a depository of knowledge on disabilities will continue to be posted on the special YouTube channel.


・Oct 10 - Closing Event & Award Announcement Video 日本語ENGLISH

・Sept 5 Opening Event Video 日本語ENGLISH

・I'M-POSSIBLE Project Gallery HERE

・Japan Israel Makers Community YouTube Channel HERE


Organizers  Embassy of Israel in Japan・The Nippon Foundation

Co-organizers Tikkun Olam Makers・i-Collaboration Kobe・Lowenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center

Access Israel・hy[x]・Moris Inc・Shekulo Tov Group・Hackautism

Supporters   Zero Project・8200 IMPACT・CLALIT Health Services・Sign Now・ELOR・Sicuy Shaveh

Holon Institute of Technology・Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd.

Economic Department of the Embassy of Israel in Japan


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