About Us

​イスラエル大使館 文化部

The Cultural and Science Affairs section at the Embassy of Israel promotes and supports the Israeli arts and science in Japan. 
Assisting Israeli musicians, filmmakers, actors, dancers, artists, writers, scholars & scientists  to introduce their diverse activities to the Japanese audiences. 
We celebrate Israeli culture, innovation and science, encouraging cultural & scientific dialogue. Aim at creating meaningful collaborations and exchanges between Israeli and Japanese artists, institutions, and universities and foster a deeper understanding of Israeli society.

We are proud of our long standing partnerships with leading partners from the two countries and the exciting projects that have come to existence - thanks to the support and efforts of each and every one of them. 
We believe in the unique power of culture to bring people together and therefore encourage and celebrate new ideas and new connections. 
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to pursue a new collaboration between Israel and Japan. 


Arieh Rosen

Culture and Science Affairs Attache'  






Arieh Rosen: Culture & Science Affairs Attache’

アリエ・ロゼン 文化・科学技術担当

Arieh Rosen: Culture & Science Affairs Attache’

photo: ©Noam Levinger

文化担当補佐官 内田 由紀

Yuki Uchida, Cultural Officer

科学技術担当官補佐 小田 聡子

Sati Oda, Assistant for Scientific Affairs


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