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世界のアクセシビリティー向上を目指す3日間の国際会議「ZeroCon22」にI'M-POSSIBLEハッカソン優勝チーム「ADL(Assistech Design Lab)」が登壇します。



ZeroCon22 (2022.02.23 - 25)

主催:Zero Project

YouTube 特設チャンネル 




02.24 (Th) 7:00–8:00 pm

Hacking the Hackathon Session

2021 I’M-POSSIBLEハッカソン優勝チーム

Assistech Design Lab(服部 託夢 氏)登壇!

YouTube Live: 

[概要] ハッカソンを全ての人にアクセシブルにすることを考えるセッション。


02.25 (F) 5:00 pm (15 min)

Fireside Chat

駐日イスラエル大使館 & 日本財団出演


YouTube Live:

[概要] 駐日イスラエル大使館と日本財団がタッグを組み障害支援テック創出に挑んだ初のハッカソン。その舞台裏であった様々な工夫やドラマを語ります。



駐日イスラエル大使館 科学技術部



After four months since the I'M-POSSIBLE DisAbiity Hackathon, the winning team, ADL (Assistech Design Lab), will finally take the stage on the world stage in the ZeroCon22, a three-day international conference that aims to improve accessibility globally. 

Seventy-six projects from 35 countries around the world will be recognized for their work in creating and improving accessibility for all. Furthermore, speakers from over 50 countries will take the stage in various sessions to discuss what accessibility should look like in the present and future.

Especially the following two sessions are noteworthy, and can be viewed live on YouTube (no registration required).

ZeroCon22 (2022.02.23 - 25)

・Organizer: Zero Project

・Date: 2022.02.23 - 25 (starting in the evening of Japan Standard Time)

・Overall program:

・Language: English (with subtitles and captions)

・YouTube live streaming for all sessions (no registration required)


02.24 (Th) 7:00-8:00 pm

Hacking the Hackathon Session

2021 I'M-POSSIBLE Hackathon winning team

Assistech Design Lab (Dr. Takumu Hattori) on stage!

YouTube Live:

[Overview] The winner of the "I'M-POSSIBLE Hackathon", a joint initiative of the Embassy of Israel in Japan and the Nippon Foundation, will speak on stage.

02.25 (F) 5:00-5:15 pm

Fireside Chat (interview)

Behind-the-scenes of the I'M-POSSIBLE DisAbility Hackathon

Appearance by Embassy of Israel in Japan & The Nippon Foundation

YouTube Live:  

[Overview] The Embassy of Israel in Japan and the Nippon Foundation teamed up to create the first hackathon for disability support tech.  Tune in to hear from the organizers various ingenuity and dramas that took place behind the scenes.


Science and Technology Department, Embassy of Israel in Japan

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